Our Projects

Vision Glasses

Accessibility Tools for Visually Impaired

What if a visually impaired can walk around unfamiliar places or avoid obstacles or read books, newspapers, hoardings or any text and navigate in real-time without relying on someone else? We are creating Vision Glasses which will be in form of wearable eye-glasses and process in-front images of visually impaired, convert it to sound and whisper in the ear using hearing aids. This will assist visually impaired in the daily routine and increase their self-confidence with a sense of security.

Clean Water

Purification & Treatment for Societies

A human body contains average 62 percent of water and consumes roughly 250 liters water every day. While nearly 70 percent of the world is covered by water, only 2.5 percent of it is fresh. Even then, just 1 percent of our freshwater is easily accessible. We are working on Water Purification and Treatment for the removal of contaminants from water across residential societies and industries to produce drinking water which is pure enough for human consumption and for industrial use.

Bionic Eye

A nano-tech based contact lens

One of our early-stage projects is the Bionic Eye which will replace all human vision problems. We are working on a nanotech contact lens which can be used by any human being as an aid to mitigate eye disease with early-stage diagnosis and prevention of the disease over a longer period. The Bionic Eye will allow even a blind person to see and perform daily routines with comfort.

Educational Aids

Affordable Hardware for needy

The technology has made it possible to move from massive computers to small tablets and laptops. But if you are planning to build a hardware from scratch, you shall we ready for a sky-high cost of the equipment. Airavath Foundation is working on low-cost computational devices which can be built with easily available components and can be used by the workforce for their academic projects or special needs. We are also working on creating affordable laptops and personal computers with full functionalities for aiding students, NGOs and researchers.


2500+ Visually Impaired in India



The main motive of Airavath Foundation is to support and develop technological innovations. In the development of Vision Glasses, our non-profit is working in the world of Wearables, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, etc. In other projects, we are also reaping benefits of technology. The like-minded people should always welcome us in joining the community of your technology.


We are looking to use technology for the improvement in the healthcare category. With our work in nanotechnology and bionics, we are working to solve all eye-sight and vision issues in human beings. Our non-profit has also taken steps to support disabled people and elderly people with technological solutions for their troubles. With our work on Clean Water, we are working towards a Hygiene-full world for everyone.


Our volunteers are eager to help students and researchers in their educational work from K-12 to Ph. D. and beyond. We love people who share the same interest in the education field and want to share the knowledge and contribute by supporting an interested audience. With our educational aids and low-cost hardware, we want every person to be technically developed.


Every individual and organization across the world watch for a better tomorrow. We at Airavath Foundation are working on multiple projects which involves a lot of research but are surely for better tomorrow. Our non-profit works with several academicians, scientists, and institutes and if you are looking for a support in your research, you are one step closer to godspeed of your work.

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